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Creating drama with glass

Posted on July 2, 2014 by Doreen Joslow There have been 0 comments

We've recently discussed the importance of choosing the right metal for exterior home lighting, but there are certainly other elements to consider when creating the perfect lighting design for a home, whether interior or exterior. Glass is one of the most important: The type of glass used in a given fixture greatly impacts the way it lights a space and the effect it creates.

Modern glass is often crystal clear, manufactured to be flawless. While in certain cases that's desirable and is perfectly functional, antique or restoration glass can create more drama in a fixture, warping and refracting light in a more interesting way. 

We prefer to use full restoration glass in our designer lighting fixtures at Scofield, because its imperfections give a unique character to each piece. It is also traditionally used in restoration projects in homes from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as in historical buildings like Monticello and the White House. The glass is produced using the same technique employed centuries ago in Europe: Blown by mouth in the shape of a cylinder, then sliced, reheated and allowed to flatten. Certain portions, notably the bottom of the pane, are thicker than other areas due to the settling process. Seeds can also be formed in the glass using this method. These slight distortions and imperfections give this glass its life. 

We also employ tactics to reflect light in a particularly pleasing way in our custom home lighting fixtures. In the lanterns photographed to the left, we used reflectors to direct the light upward, creating a soft golden circle above the fixture. The shadows created by the chains add another layer of drama.

A well-executed lighting design is precise, beautiful and practical. We strive to achieve this in every fixture we create by using handcrafted materials and our own expertise. To learn more about how we can create dramatic custom home lighting for your next project, contact us!

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