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Custom home lighting spotlight: Chester County, Pennsylvania

Posted on May 5, 2014 by Doreen Joslow There have been 0 comments

At Scofield Lighting, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize our designs to the task (or room) at hand. Cookie-cutter fixtures often don't match the dimensions or style of a space appropriately, which is where custom home lighting comes into play.

To fill you in on some of our custom capabilities, we'll be highlighting two of our ongoing projects each month and providing updates on our progress. Feel free to contact us for more information about our custom lighting design!

One of our most recent projects involved tailoring two of our most popular chandeliers to fit into a Pennsylvania home's unique design. The client for this Chester County project wanted to incorporate our French Chandelier into the home's great room and our Cross-Beam Chandelier into a home office.

French Chandelier

The standard production single-tier French Chandelier would have looked miniscule in the great room space, while the other option, a triple-tier, would have been overbearing. Using 3-D modeling and CAD technology, we designed a two-tier version of the chandelier in a larger diameter with 15 arms.  

In constructing the double-tier, given its highly delicate nature, our greatest challenge is concealing the wires within the narrow-gauge arms. With 15 leads and only two connections, fabrication must be done with the utmost precision. Each iron tier is aged separately in an acid bath to recreate a rustic feel before the chandelier is fully assembled and finished with a hand-painted patina.

Cross-Beam Chandelier

Meanwhile, the standard diameter of the Cross-Beam Chandelier looked unnaturally small for the home office's square footage. To accommodate the space, we designed the Cross-Beam with a larger diameter, extending the arms to create a more robust fixture.

The fabrication process for the Cross-Beam is similar to that of the French Chandelier, though the materials vary. In this case, we are able to age the piece as a whole due to its smaller scale. The aged tin is then finished with a patina before wiring and adding the candle sleeves to complete the piece. 

We're currently in the fabrication stage of this project, with installation scheduled for mid-April. All told, construction of the two handmade chandeliers should take about 10 days. We'll be sure to share photos of the finished products after testing and installation!

To find out more about our current projects, follow the Scofield Lighting blog, or contact us for our trade pricing and details on our custom process. Our expert craftsmen and designers can create the perfect architectural lighting for your client's home or organization.

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